Handmade Rattan Clothing Rack


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Mini:- Length: 50cm, Breadth: 20cm, Height: 40cm.
Small:- Length: 70cm, Breadth: 30cm, Height: 80cm.
Medium:- Length: 90cm, Breadth: 40cm, Height: 120cm.
Large:- Length: 110cm, Breadth: 50cm, Height: 160cm.

Material: Natural Rattan.

Colour: Natural Rattan, Light Brown, Dark Brown.

SKU ID (Product ID): SV-RT-CR-10

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This clothing rack is the perfect size to fit in small spots or to be the feature of the room. Looking for something unique to hang those pretty timeless pieces instead of tucked away in the drawers?

Our versatile Rattan Clothes Rack is designed to suit both younger and adult spaces with its elegant, minimalist design and practical function. A heavenly match for our unique Rattan Hanger Range.

These Clothes Rack are made of natural rattan. Suitable for drying clothes or hang up clothes in Hooks.
Durable and sturdy, the hanger is made of the best quality rattan. Not easy to deform, no trace, this is a very practical hanger.

It is a natural and eco-friendly material.

A stunning rattan clothes rack for everyday clothes or dress up pieces! Each piece is designed with a retro look that brings back memories from childhood and fits perfectly into the modern home with its natural expression.

Please note: As everything is handmade with natural materials, each piece ends up with a character of its own. The slight imperfections and variations in colour, give each piece its unique touch and are therefore, in our view, just perfect.

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Mini, Small, Medium, Large


Dark Brown, Light Brown, Natural Rattan


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