Handmade Cane Mirror | Rattan Rectangle Mirror


Total Dimension:
Length: 43cm, Height: 83cm

Customise: Thinner frame.

Material: Natural Rattan Cane.

Color: Natural Rattan Cane.

SKU ID (Product ID): SV-RT-MR-55


Features (Handmade Cane Mirror);

Bring your walls to life with our beautiful wall Handmade Cane Mirror. The lovely rattan adds a quality of beauty only found in nature’s landscape. One mirror in a foyer or guest bath is perfect but adding 2 or more brings a hallway or large master bath to a new level.

Rattan Wicker Mirror was handmade by our senior executives to ensure the highest quality and authenticity for your home decorations. It is both stylish and authentic, a great centerpiece for those items in your house to make it visible and give it more culture.

We personally selected a high-quality solid rattan. The solid rattan material is hand woven into a beautiful, durable piece of art. This rattan hanging wall mirror is a beautiful addition to any room.

Rattan woven mirror is suitable for all countertops, and it is very suitable for your interior decoration, making your life more radiant and convenient for your life. Whether it’s your clothes or shaving. The combination of natural elements makes life return to nature and tranquillity. Unique gifts for friends and neighbors as well.

Our handwoven rattan collection includes this rattan handmade moon mirror. The moon mirror is sure to steal the spotlight in your room. Rattan is the new hottest trend and it is invading houses and so should be a part of your home as well. Yes, this trend is a vintage classic, and is happy to be back in your home with this rattan moon mirror. The crescent-shaped rattan moon mirror is easy to hang and is handwoven with love in India, all ready to highlight your home.

This rattan moon mirror is a perfect addition to any part of your home and also works very well in your little one’s room.

We Offer;

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  • Gift Wrapping Packaging also available without any extra cost


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