Handmade Rattan Stool


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Dimension: Length: 41cm, Breadth: 39cm, Height: 66cm.

Material: Natural Rattan.

Colour: Natural Rattan, Light Brown, Dark Brown.

SKU ID (Product ID): SV-RT-ST-13

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Hand-Crafted rattan stool but serve as well as tiny table too. Made of full pole rattan natural with smaller rattan skin for accents décor and it’s very beautiful for your room. AUOR Craft provides best Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Lighting Furniture.

Take Care: If used outside, the chair’s rattan frame will patina to a lovely light Gray finish over time. To keep the original tone, occasionally give it a rubdown with your preferred wood conditioner.

Each piece of this exquisite furniture is painstakingly hand crafted entirely from rattan. Poles are kiln-steamed and hand bent around custom marques, canes are hand-shaved and tied, wicker cores are extracted and intricately woven with seamless finishes for a minimalist take on timeless methods. The iconic silhouettes are modern yet fanciful, delicate yet durable, and classic yet comfortable. It’s practically magic.

The base and top of this round stool are composed of thick strips of eco-friendly natural rattan. Slimmer bands are wrapped around its sides, with a pinched design in the middle that creates an hourglass shape. Thin strips of bamboo fibre are used as binding.

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Dark Brown, Light Brown, Natural Rattan


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