Set of 5 Handmade Rattan Basket | Oval Willow Basket


Length: 18cm, Breadth: 12cm
Length: 23cm, Breadth: 15cm
Length: 28cm, Breadth: 18cm
Length: 33cm, Breadth: 23cm
Length: 38cm, Breadth: 26cm


Material: Natural Rattan.

Color: Natural Rattan, Light Brown, Dark Brown.

SKU ID (Product ID): SV-RT-BS-28


Features (Handmade Rattan Basket);

This pretty Handmade Rattan Basket should be one of the best choices for the tray you need. It completes the natural rustic look of your house, made from natural rattan fiber, it is disposable and safe for your family’s health and good for the environment. Along with the rattan baskets, platters, and plates, these lovely trays are in the collection of rattan items for your kitchen counter and home decoratives.

The quality management process is practiced before launching to make sure there is no bad smell and no needle-sharp spikes. We offer a wooden circle added to the bottom to make the baskets standstill on the shelves or anywhere else. Besides that, these trays are easy to clean by wiping clean with a damp cloth.

Its naturally bronze-yellow color matches well with things in the restaurant, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Great for storing keys, coffee, bread, cupcake, cake, pop, rolls, and fruits like apples, candy, bananas, and vegetables. Great vanity trays to organize toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, body lotions, towels in the bathroom, cosmetics, and perfume on any tabletop, desk, or table to boost your farmhouse home decor style, and come out to be a nice gift item.

We Offer;

  • We offer great deals for bulk orders so that you can also expand your business Worldwide.
  • We provide drop shipping as well.
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  • Gift Wrapping Packaging is also available without any extra cost.


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